We are the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon’s First Nations, Métis and Non-Aboriginal peoples Church. Our desire is to offer to the Aboriginal Community of Saskatoon an opportunity to experience the Catholic Faith through the traditions and spirituality of our Aboriginal culture.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish helps Saskatoon’s First Nations and Métis people to walk with one foot in our traditional teachings and the other in our Catholic faith. Both elements are important to our spiritual identity. We pray using symbols, music and rituals which are meaningful to our People and to our cultures.


Our celebration of the Eucharist incorporates elements of our tradition, such as smudging with the four sacred plants, praying the Great Amen in the four directions using the sacred drum, and honouring our Creator with gifts offered on a Star Blanket.



Full sacramental service to our community, including providing the necessary preparation to receive the sacraments, from Baptism and Confirmation to Marriage
Elder and Counselling Services
A venue for Traditional Native Wakes for our local community
Teachings and a sense of direction both within our community and within the diocese
Programmes for bringing healing and reconciliation to our communities
Connection with and liturgical support for our local schools including St Mary's Wellness and Education Centre and St Maria Goretti School
Outreach to the prison
Social functions such as music festivals, movie nights, sweats, and feasts are held throughout the year
A food pantry for our neighbourhood community
Spiritual direction


To build a strong faith community
To empower and equip Aboriginal people to become leaders in their families, communities, and the Church
Our celebrations and events integrate Catholic practices with Native Spirituality.

Sunday Mass:

Sunday at 1pm, Confession at 12:30pm

St Mary's Church,
211 Avenue O South,
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 2R6

Weekday Masses

Wednesday at 2pm

The Chapel, 3rd Floor,
St Paul's Hospital,
1702 20th St W
Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Z9